Arizona Wine Festival

The Arizona Wine Festival is one of the most popular wine and food events in the world. Organized by the Arizona Wine Commission, the Arizona Wine Festival is held every year during the month of May. Visitors from all over the world come to Arizona to sample some of the best wines from around the world and participate in fun activities that will add value to their dollars. Wine iconWhen it comes to wineries and wine festivals in Arizona, this is one of the most prestigious. The International Wines of the World (IWOW) is the sponsoring organization for the Arizona Wine Festival. IWO is one of the largest and most respected international trade organizations for the wine industry. IWO hasiculture programs that take place across the world in places like Chile, Italy, France, Spain and the United States. They bring together wine makers, wine retailers and winery organizers from all over the world that share a vision of creating world class wines. The Arizona Wine Festival is one of the largest wine festivals in the world. It attracts thousands of visitors each year to Arizona wine lands. In addition to hundreds of wineries there are many other attractions as well. There are winery tours, wine tasting, educational programs, and even a day of yoga and meditation. There are exciting activities and workshops for children and adults. The main event of the Arizona wine festival is the Wines and Food Festival. This is an all day event. It is held at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts on the campus of the University of Arizona. There are several venues where you can watch and enjoy this great outdoor event. The Tempe Events Center in downtown Phoenix will provide a variety of live music performances as well. Other wine festivals in the state include the annual Arizona Wines Festival. Wine figureThere is also a Great Arizona Wines Festival in March, attracting winemakers and retailers from throughout Arizona and neighboring states. These festivals celebrate wines from all over the U.S., Mexico and South America. International Wine & Food Festival are another popular wine festival held yearly in March. This is the largest event of its kind in Arizona. It brings thousands of people outdoors to sample the wines of Arizona and other parts of the Southwest. Live entertainment, demonstrations and tastings are part of this fun-filled day. Tucson's Annual Oktoberfest is a great time to be a wine enthusiast in the area. The Oktoberfest Beer Festival & BBQ Festival is a family-friendly event that runs the entire length of a Saturday in February. This is a great weekend for those interested in food, but also for those who enjoy wine and German beer. Both events draw a large crowd, as tourists and locals to check out the area's best food, beer and dance. There are also many German beer tasting parties in the area. A few weeks before each of these Arizona wine festivals, you can check out the Arizona winery tours for an overview of the upcoming festivities. There are also a number of online resources available to help you find the best times to visit. Arizona wine festivals highlight the outstanding wineries in the area, along with a variety of guest speakers and educational seminars. You can also enjoy some great food, wine and dancing at these events. With all the sights, sounds and flavors to enjoy, an Arizona wine festival is one of the best-attended and most successful wine events in the state. Arizona artThe Sonoran Desert offers a rich diversity of desert vegetation and climate. Wineries that grow here include Blairsville Wines, Canyon Creek Wines and others. The Sonoran Desert also offers a number of attractions, including the Maricopa Inn, Cave Mountain Wines and Camelback Ranch Vineyards. A Sonoran wine festival makes a great event backdrop, filled with wineries and cultural entertainment. Tucson and Tempe are two cities in Arizona with a strong Spanish influence. There are a number of Spanish-influenced and Spanish-themed restaurants, shops and venues in Tucson and Tempe. Many areas host a Spanish food festival, featuring traditional festive fare as well as unique booths selling authentic Spanish dishes. In addition to all the cultural activities, there is plenty to do in Tucson and Tempe. A trip to the University of Arizona's Downtown campus may prove to be a memorable and educational trip for students and tourists interested in learning about Spanish and American history. Arizona wine festivals offer a variety of entertainment. There is plenty to do at wine tasting events, as well as lectures, musical performances and family attractions. These festivals draw a diverse crowd, from the most ardent wine enthusiast to beginners to expert wine tastings. It's no wonder that Arizona wine festivals are among the best-attended and most popular of all wine-related events in the nation.