Aerating Wine Funnel

What is an aerating wine funnel? Wine imageIt is a device that helps you aerate your wine. Why would you need this? Because under the right circumstances, it can actually make your drink look and taste better. How can you achieve aeration? Simple really. Basically what happens is you fill the bottom of the aerating cup with air. You do this by using the machine's tube system. The larger the tube, the easier your job will be. The first thing you will want to take a look at is the aerating wine funnels you have lying around. Are they metal or plastic? Metal ones are your best bet. Plastic is more flexible but not as easy to clean and dust off afterwards. Plastic will also take a bit longer to properly set up and then it will all collapse in on itself, which is not very useful. If you decide to go with a metal funnel, make sure it is heavy duty. You do not want to buy a cheap plastic one only to find that it breaks after a few uses. They usually come with a rubber tube which makes it more reliable. Funnel sampleWhen setting up, make sure you place the whole funnel inside so that it does not twist at all. This will make it much less likely to leak. After you have aerated wine funnels that fit your specific needs, you will need to get the proper tools. It is important that you have a funnel that is as wide as possible. Too narrow and it will choke the flow and that is not what you are after. Having a funnel that is too wide can sometimes cause the air to spill out and this will make the bubbly go stale rather quickly. Make sure that the aeration bottle that you are going to attach to your funnel is labeled. This way you will know which end to hold onto so that you do not cause yourself any pain. The last thing that you will want to do is pull the bottle of the aerating wine funnels off of the hook because it will be extremely painful. Once you have these tools in place, you will need to run water through them and then let it stand for about ten minutes. After the 10 minutes are up, you will want to open the first of your funnels. If you have a funnel that attaches inside the cork, you will only want to open the one located next to the cork. The reason why you do this is to make sure that the cork has fully popped and then you can put it in the receptacle on your machine. This is especially important if you are using aerating gun kind of funnels. The other type of funnel that you will want to make sure is hooked up to the aeration machine is the tip-top type. This is the one that you can actually touch when it is sitting on the end of the line. Wine recreationYou will need to make sure that the tip of the funnel is wet with water. Once you have done this, you should place a cup of water in the funnel and then turn it on. When you do this, it should take about two minutes. When the water gets to the end of the line, you will simply push it down into the bottle. As you turn it on, you should see a drop or two of foam form at the bottom. This is what will eventually come out of the other end of the bottle.

The Foam

The process will continue until all the foam has been expelled. If you are using the tip top aerating wine funnels, you will find that it is much easier than the other one. All you have to do is stick the bottle that you will be using in the funnel. After you have pushed the button, the water should start to get out and create that watery foam at the bottom. Once it does, you should continue to turn it on. In addition to being better at aerating wine, it can also save you money. When you are doing your own aeration, you may find that it costs you more than when you use a professional to do it for you. Not only will they charge you more, but they will not help you find out how to get the best results. However, if you are going to do it yourself, you can use the tips above to save yourself some money.