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2013 Estate Merlot Santa Cruz Mountains

We are proud to present this release of Hunter Hill 100% Santa Cruz Mountains Estate Merlot, carefully crafted from grapes which ripened on the cool coast overlooking the Monterey Bay, creating an elegant wine in the true Merlot style.

Production: 155 cases
Barreling: Two years on American Oak

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Sale! $150 Per Case

Hunter Hill Vineyard and Winery is proud to present our Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is very smooth with soft tannins, a lush aroma of black currants and creamy, chocolate flavors. It has a velvety texture with rich, ripe fruit. This is a very friendly wine, share it and enjoy it.

Production: 175 cases
Barreling: One Year on American Oak

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Estate Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains

This release of 100% Estate Pinot has a spicy bouquet and deep cherry overtones with a lingering soft finish. Fabulous with lamb, salmon, and spicy, rich foods, this wine builds upon Hunter Hill's reputation for great Pinots.

Production: 750 cases
Barreling: One year on American Oak

Hunter Hill 2012 Estate Pinot Noir

2013 Estate Zinfandel Santa Cruz Mountains

This Zinfandel is grown on a steep, sunny ridge above the winery. The vineyard is head pruned in the tradition of old California growers and farmed in the old ways. We have always made Zinfandel and are very proud to have started producing from our own vineyard.

Production: 169 cases
Barreling: One year on American Oak

Hunter Hill 2012 Estate Zinfandel
New Release


2013 Sauvignon Blanc - Bloomfield Vineyards, Contra Costa County

Our Sauvignon Blanc is produced from the Sauvignon Musque clone which is thought to be a natural clone of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat. This wine has a wonderful, spun-gold hue, highlighted with tinges of lime green. Fresh and zesty with aromas of melon, freshly cut grass, green apple, sweet citrus zest and fig. It is the perfect wine to pair with salads, light appetizers or seafood on a warm summer’s evening.

Production: 220 Cases
Barreling: Stainless Steel

2013 Sauvignon Blanc
New Release

2013 Estate Syrah Santa Cruz Mountains

Hunter Hill Estate Syrah is grown on the highest elevation of the vineyard, facing the Monterey Bay. This wine represents the best of Santa Cruz Mountain Appellation, nurtured by sunny days and cool evenings. The result is a lush, meaty wine full of fruit to pair with beef or lamb and spicy dishes.

Production: 100 cases
Barreling: One year on American Oak

Hunter Hill 2013 Estate Syrah
New Release

2013 Chardonnay - California

We ferment and age our Chardonnay in 100% stainless steel resulting in a lean, fresh and vibrant wine exhibiting green apple, meyer lemon, pear and honeydew flavors. This wine will pair well with seafood, chicken with sweet chutney, or something with a little spice. It is of course also excellent all by itself!

Production: 304 Cases
Barreling: Stainless Steel

2013 Chardonnay